Thursday, October 15, 2009

It's my party......

Yeah, that song popped into my head, but I'm not crying!  I wonder if Master & Lady are going to throw me a birthday bash!  In any case, I hope they see my wishlist I have at Amazon!  Boy there's a lot of stuff on there any kitty would love to get their claws into, especially ME! 
My Wish List
While I was, ahem, "window shopping", I found what could only be described as a kitty haven:
Welcome to My (Future) Crib! 
Of course, what's a crib without a cozy little bed made just for me  :)
Some other cool links I came across for kitty toys & stuff:

I know no birthday is complete without the traditional birthday cake, but since I don't really have a sweet tooth, I'd forego the cake for another delectable delight.
This 'Fancy Feast' has always intrigued me, but I have a feeling my palette would prefer something green and leafy!  No doubt the icing on my cake would be some of this:

But what I'm hoping for most of all is that they give me a taste of some homemade valerian root oil!  I actually overheard Master & Lady talking about how they were going to make a "start to finish" video about it!  So I'm pretty sure I'll be going crazy on the 30th!!!  :)
I'm also pretty sure that since my birthday falls the day before Halloween, that it will be a Halloween themed bash, including a costume.   Hmmmm....I wonder if they're planning on "dressing me up" as:

Those might be cool.  I don't know about these, however:

It could be worse, though - downright ugly!

(shudderrrrr)....But let's not hope they plan on dressing me up like my poor buddy, Pork Chop!  Oh noes!!!!
I'm not too concerned about party decorations, unless they're fun balloonies and/or streamers!!
But all fancy shmancy aside, I'm still a simple cat, happy to play in trash or with toilet paper rolls and empty boxes!!!  And in any case, I'm sure Lady will capture every celebratory moment on my special day to share with all of you!  I'm sure it will be the cat's meow!!!   ;)

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