Monday, October 5, 2009

It's my birthday month, I'm excited! Meow!!!

Obviously, it's my favorite time of the year!  The weather has turned a little cooler, the leaves outside are starting to turn into gorgeous colors, the birds are migrating south (although Master has noted the geese are flying north?!), and I'll be turning 4 at the end of the month!!!
Even the dogs in the back have returned!  I don't know where they went, I had feared they'd moved, but they must have gone on a doggone vacation, because they're back!  I missed them, although I gotta say, I don't think they're barking as much, that or I don't notice it.
Maybe that's because I'm way too busy with my favorite fall pasttime, bird watching!  Oh, it's the most exciting thing!  And yes, they do perch in the tree out front from time to time, just inches from my twitching whiskers!!  I wish I could join them and play with them!  Sigh, one day maybe!  Although I did manage to sneak out the door last night when Master left it open.  I even made it down the stairs and outside!  But once again, although as exciting as it was, I was forlorn and scared even more!  Before I knew it, Master had scooped me up in his arms and carried me back up to safety in our cozy little apartment. 
Speaking of cozy, with the windows open and the evenings being a lot cooler, I've had to seek out some warmer sleeping spots as of late.  My favorite is still behind one of the computer drives, but I also liked sleeping on a black backpack on the floor.  Not only were these spots warm, but they were both 'inconspicuous', so that I could sleep peacefully without Master or Lady noticing me!  Alas, Master ended up taking the backpack to the truck the other day - I hope this means they're not going on a vacation!
During the day I enjoy sleeping on the blankets in a sunny spot on the bed.  Dreaming away the day as us felines do, living the life of Riley.  Ahh, bliss.  Most of the time, like humans, upon wakening I've no memory of what I've been dreaming about.  But sometimes I do remember....dreaming mostly about things that are on my mind: playing with the birds, the squirrels that used to frequent my yard back in Florida, the time I was out in the snow, other cats in the old neighborhood, my visits to the Cat Doctor, my recent cat buddy who's disappeared....fortunately I rarely, if ever have "nightmares", and usually I wake up from my naps feeling pretty refreshed.  It always feels so good to stretch my body out fully and yawn.  Then of course, I have to be nosy and check out whatever's going on!  Oh yeah, and another thing I LOVE, especially after waking from one of my refreshing naps, is to be brushed.  I could be brushed all day.  I think the equivalent for humans would be getting your hair done at the salon.  I feel so pampered!  But, unlike humans, I really don't like getting my nails "done".  It doesn't hurt when Master clips them, but I don't understand why they have to do it!  I mean, I enjoy scratching and sinking my claws into the recliner so much!  : D
Well, that's all for now.....I think Lady's going to upload some new videos, so watch for them SOON!


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