Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A message from Lady......

With Mischief's birthday only a few short days away, I thought I'd share my party planning and shopping with her fans.  Today's task was to find a costume for her.  Apparently this world is going to the 'dogs', because that's all they sell!  I hunted high and low, and finally found some at Petsmart, thank goodness!  I'm keeping them a surprise, and while I was there I did some other 'birthday shopping'!  I kept all the "goodies" in the trunk of my car; good thing, too, because Mischief was all over me when I came home!  I don't know whether she smelled the pet store smell, or if she was just perceptive and being inquisitive!!  All I can say is Mischief is in for one heck of a birthday!!!
She's suddenly been sneezing a lot today, but it hasn't slowed her down from galloping like a horse through our apartment from one end to the other at 4 am!!!  It could be because last night I was cooking some onions, and her eyes were watering.
One thing I did finally get for her is an ID tag.  I would encourage all pet owners, even if you have an indoor cat, to get one for your feline.  You never know if your pet will get out and run off and get lost, and I've been meaning to get one for Mischief for quite some time.  It's an invaluable piece of identification that could get your beloved kitty returned to you safe and sound.  Now I won't have to worry quite as much!

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