Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A day in the life of a cat...ME!!!

It's 6:00 am, and although my internal clock has come to expect it, I'm still startled by this daily ritual awakening of not one, not two, not three, but at least four different alarm buzzings, one of which is the most annoying banter of two local radio disc jockeys who tend to be fairly loud and crude in their manly conversations!  But, I digress...the reason there are all these alarms going off at the same time should be fairly obvious:  Master has a hard if not impossible time getting up in the mornings!  So the more and the louder the alarms, "the merrier"!!!
Where I'm at when these ear deafening sirens go off depends.  Sometimes, but not lately, I'll be in bed with Master & Lady.  More often than not, I'll be asleep wherever it's warm, like by the computers, tucked away in the corner.  Occasionally I will have fallen asleep by one of the windows.  Although my dreams are suddenly disrupted by the noise, usually I will stir a little before burying my face for a few more minutes of cat nap. It is only after Master has been moving about in his habitualistic fashion of getting ready for work that I open my eyes and rise to greet the day.  The sun isn't out just yet, and I let out a gaping yawn as I arch my back in a full, relaxing stretch.  Ahhhh!  I jump down from my nice warm slumber spot, and go check on Master.  Yep, there he is, already showered and getting dressed. I rub up against him and he lightly scratches me behind the ears.  We do this just about every morning.  Then he continues getting ready, as Lady awakens and begins her day.  A short while later, as I hear the keys jingling, I bolt for the door, jumping on the desk right next to it so that I can say goodbye to Master.  I try & peer around the corner to look in the stairway as he opens the door, but I can't see much of anything.  He pats me on the head and says goodbye to Lady.  I then go over to one of the front windows and watch him getting in his truck.  Then he's off, to where I don't know.  All I do know is that he will be gone for the next 8 hours or so.
Lately because the weather has been so cool, I will feel somewhat energized in the morning...so I like to get "charged up" and tear through the apartment from one end to the next!!  I feel like a dog letting off some steam, but I think I sound more like a horse galloping!  Great fun!!  In no time I am warmed up and have excercised my muscles.  Sometimes Lady will play with me, or she'll be doing work at the computers.  In either case, after my morning 'calisthenics' I will usually look out the windows, taking turns gazing out the front, sides, and back.  Because we live on a street with quite a few businesses, mornings are usually busy with men and women arriving to work, customers going in and out, and deliveries being made. 
Speaking of deliveries, occasionally the UPS or FedEx Man will scare the daylights out of me when he pounds on the door.  I go running and don't come out from under the bed until I know the coast is clear, and then, curiousity kills me (pun intended) as I cautiously tread out of my hiding spot and approach whatever package(s) were left. Ahh, the smells on the boxes are always intriguing and different each time!  Usually what's in the boxes however, don't pique my interest at all, and they just smell..."new".
Lately my mornings have also been "for the birds"  :)
That is, there seems to be quite a bit of  bird activity, and also I'll hear a strange sound and look up to find what I think are called geese flying in a strange formation in the sky.  I wonder why they do that.  I still haven't seen any squirrels yet, and the dogs out back have quieted down.  So usually I will "people watch" the remainder of the morning until I get bored.  Then it's time for a little snack, visit the litterbox, and take my morning nap!  From the time I was kitten, I've been given different brands of dry, crunchy food formulated for cats.  Some are tastier than others.  Lady fills my bowl up with fresh food and water every morning, and this way I can nibble throughout the day whenever I get hungry.  Somehow I'm either lucky or magically know not to overstuff myself, and when I rarely do, I get sick.  But I've managed to stay the 8 lbs. I've been since I became an adult.  As I've mentioned in a previous post, Lady will give me "human" treats, like small bits of beef or chicken, cheese, and I'm especially fond of lettuce and some vegetables.  But the only time I got to savor the most delicious moist canned cat food was when Lady went on vacation when we were living back in Florida and she had the Neighbor take care of me. 
Now normally I am pretty afraid of people.  But Wayne, as the neighbor was called, was a cat lover.  I knew this before I was ever introduced to him.  All the neighborhood cats knew this as well.  I would look out my front window and watch when he would come home from work.  They would all run up to him in his driveway as he was getting out of the car!  And he would address each one of them by name:  Conan, Kilo, Black Eyed Pete, Boo Boo Kity, to name just a few.  Each of the kitties had their own unique personality, but they all loved Wayne.  And he loved them back.  Lady had no qualms about him taking care of me while she was gone, but what she didn't realize was how much he was about to spoil me rotten!  :)
While she was gone I was treated to both dry food and my first official taste at the best canned food I have ever eaten.  Now to be fair, I think the reason Lady never gave me the canned food was because she knew it could be bad for my teeth, as dry food helps keep teeth in better shape.  And while there are arguments on both sides, as long as the owner is feeding his/her feline food specially formulated for cats, there are no definitive answers as to which is better, dry or canned food.  The bottom line is I've been happy with what she gives me, and it tastes good.  Getting the canned food was a treat in much the same way you would be happy getting a steak once in awhile instead of hamburger.
So spoil me he did, and when Lady came back from vacation, I must admit I missed Wayne (and the canned food!).  Now Lady will give me a treat with some every once in awhile.  More on my old neighborhood and Florida home in future posts...getting back to my 'typical day':
I do sleep a lot during the day, that's what us kitties do!!  As I've stated, I love to find the warmest, SUNNIEST spot in the apartment.  Nothing beats napping while the sun is warming you up!!  Throughout the day, when I'm not napping that is, I'll see what Lady is up to and nuzzle her for affection.  If she's not paying attention, I gently nibble on her arm or foot to get it.  (The foot is what works the best!)  Sometimes I'll start playing with one of my toys to get her attention as well.  I know I was way more active when I was a kitten; these days I'm just more lazy  :)
Before I know it, I somehow sense that it is time for Master to come home.  Sometimes I'll look out the window and watch for him; sometimes I'll jump on the chair by the door and wait; and occasionally, I'll be in the back of the apartment and hear faint footsteps in the front stairway and race hectically to the door!!  I'm so excited for him to be home!  Then I will nuzzle him and he will pet me and play with me, and I can settle back down again.
Sometimes after Master comes home, they both go out.  I can tell because Lady will get dressed up and start putting makeup on.  This is my cue, and playfully I try to 'interfere' and delay her from getting ready because I really don't want them to leave!  So I'll jump up on the sink, begging for affection, and if I can, I will try and 'steal' her makeup brush!  That serves a two-fold purpose:  a) she can't finish putting her makeup on, and b) I love the soft bristles!  I could easily play with it for hours, but she always grabs it back from me  :(
If they end up going out, I usually take a nap and wait for them to come home.  If they stay in, they'll have dinner and I am always curled up nearby.
When it's time for bed, Master sets his alarms and announces "time for bed"!!!  Then they both retire for the evening.  Sometimes I'll join them, but more often than not, especially since I nap so much during the day, I'm wide awake and will spend time at the window, looking out at the beautiful night sky, enjoying the moon and sounds of crickets in the trees.  It's probably the most serene time of the day for me, and soon enough, I'll be off in kitty dreamland.  Zzzzzzzzzzz..............................

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