Thursday, September 10, 2009


Hello, and welcome to my official blog!  Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Mischief.  I was adopted right around October 30th, 2005, hence my masters named me after the regionally popular night before Halloween, Mischief Night.
I was actually found by my first adopted family a few weeks before.  It had been unseasonally cold, so for warmth, my Mother Cat placed me up under a van's engine block for warmth.  The next thing I knew, I woke up hungry and started meowing for her.  Suddenly there was light, and a strange man was looking at me!  I was scared, but he picked me up and took me inside his house.  There was already another cat in the house, but it was not my Mother, and I was put inside a little room where I was given some dry, crunchy but tasty morsels to eat, a bowl of water, and something I had never seen before, a small box with some sand in it, and somehow I instinctively knew this was for me to use to go to the bathroom in.  I sensed that the Man wanted me to be kept separate from the other cat, because he kept the room to the door closed.  Occasionally he or the Lady of the house would come in, along with two little girls who would try and pick me up, pet me, or play with me.  I was a scared of the little girls, but I was most fascinated about this contraption that was basically a white bowl that was filled with water, and if you pushed the lever down, the water would spin down and disappear, only to fill up with water again!  This room was to be my home for the next week or so.Then one day, the door opened, and I saw a different Lady and Man come in.  They stooped down to pet me, and the new Lady was talking to the new Man.  I liked them both, and soon realized that they were taking me with them.  I sat on Lady's lap while my new Master operated the vehicle we were in.  It was my very first car ride, to a brand new home, so of course, I was fearful, and meowed the entire drive home.
Once they pulled in the driveway, they took me inside.  They put me down and let me start exploring.  Being little, this new home seemed HUGE!  There were all these rooms, and different smells.  I could smell that there were animals, like a cat and dog that had lived there before.  I spent hours going into each room and exploring.  Master and Lady showed me where my food and water were, and also they gave me a sandbox to use.  There was also this little doorway that I soon was able to learn that if I pushed on it with my paws, I could open it and get into the garage, which was a whole other world of smells and interesting things!
This was to be my home for the next 3 years.

Next up:  Transition from 'kittenhood'!

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