Monday, September 14, 2009

My first visit to: "the Cat Doctor"!

I had just been settling in to my new home for about a week, when one day Lady picked me up and put me in a little cardboard box with holes.  Of course, it scared the beejeepers out of me, so I started meowing as she picked me up and took me outside.  She placed me in the seat next to her, and started talking soothingly to me to try and calm me down, as she operated the vehicle.  I just lay there as there was nothing I could do.  We had only been moving for about five minutes, when the vehicle stopped.  Lady picked me up and took me inside a building.  Immediately I could smell other cats.  I didn't know if this was a good thing.  There were also other strange smells.  Lady set me down and opened the box.  I sensed it was ok to explore, but I was still scared.
Tentatively I put my paws on the edge of the box and peeked over.  I didn't see any other cats, but I was curious about the smells, so I cautiously ventured out.  Sniffing around, I found the source of where some other cats had surely been -- TOYS!!!  They were in a little basket on the floor:  there were toy mice, balls that had jingle bells in them, and other stuffed toys filled with this irresistible fragrance that I have come to know as catnip (more on that subject in a later post!).  I sniffed at the toys, but before I had the chance to even calm down to attempt to swat at one, I heard my name called.
Lady proceeded to pick me up, and we went through a door to a small room.  There was a nice girl who started to pet me and talk to me.  She put me on this round silver plate and then I heard her say "1 1/2 pounds!"  I don't really know what that meant, other than she seemed pleased about it.  Then another lady entered the room, and I soon realized that they were referring to her as "Doctor".  Doctor started petting me and talking to me as well as Lady, and although I have no idea what was being said, I could tell it was all about ME!   Doctor looked at my eyes with a weird little light, and then she stuck something in my ears.  She listened to my heart, and she opened my jaw and looked at my teeth.  Then her assistant held me still as I felt Doctor put this cold stick up my butt!!!  I thought the worst was over, because Doctor said everything was "fine."  But then she said a few words to her assistant, and the next thing I knew I felt a few pinches.  It is because of those first shots I had that I will always dread going to the Doctor!!!   I didn't know it then, but I would be returning to the Doctor in a few weeks for a scheduled operation.
I don't really remember going in, because they gave me another SHOT (!!!) which made me go right to sleep.  When I woke up, I was sore and really sleepy, so once I got home, that's about all I did.  I later came to find out that Lady had this operation done so I couldn't have any kittens.  It sounds cruel but I think that most cat owners like my Lady do this because if they didn't, lets face it, our world would be overrun with felines!!!  :)
That's not a bad thing, but not everyone can provide a good home for us!
Well, I've had enough talking about the Doctor, I'm going to go curl up now and hopefully not have any nightmares about it!  But, in all fairness, I know Doctor was just doing her job, and everyone there at the Cat Place were very friendly and reassuring to me! :)

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