Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Strolling down 'kitten lane'.......

Looking back now, it seems so long ago when I was a kitten.  I gotta say, I acclimated to my new home pretty quickly, mainly because it was just me, Lady, and Master.  I didn't have any "little people" trying to dress me up in doll's clothing, or constantly picking me up cooing how cute I was.  Sure the attention is great, but ask any kitten and he or she will tell you it gets a little old to be constantly handled.  Any cat lover knows us felines will let you humans know when we want affection.  Not that I'm not affectionate.  I am extremely affectionate, especially with Lady.  She and Master got me plenty of toys while I was growing up:  balls, squeaky toys, feathers, mice, toys with bells, toys with catnip in them, you name it.  I grew fond of ping pong balls for some reason.  As far as the catnip, well, I'm not overwhelmed with it, for some reason!  It's okay, and Lady actually planted some in our backyard, and from time to time would cut some and bring it in for me to sniff and roll around in.  What I'm really wild about though, is this stuff they call "valerian root".  Just the smell of it (I think to humans the equivalent is sweaty socks!!) drives me crazy!!!  Master tried using some one time to help him relax and get to sleep (as it's a common herbal sedative), and he mixed it with water and let me lick a little.  That stuff is great!!!  Now whenever he takes out the bottle, I start meowing until they let me have a bit!!!  Yummy!!!
Over the years my masters have given me other "food samplings".  I can honestly say, except for a little bit of milk, I've never had the other cat food 'no-nos'.  I do love tuna, or canned chicken or turkey, and while I am a carnivore, I also have an unusual penchant for corn husks and lettuce!  And recently I got a taste of what Master kept referring to as "peanut butter".  The taste didn't really appeal to me, but what was even more annoying was that I felt the need to keep licking it off my jowls and it was sticking to the roof of my mouth!!!
Master and Lady thought that was hilarious!  Sigh, the things we kitties have to put up with!

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