Friday, September 18, 2009

Cat Eats Flies!!!

...Well, if I can catch them that is!!  You've heard of fly fishing, well my latest "sport" is Fly Catching!  I haven't managed to actually get one yet, they're too fast!! I'm still learning though, and I think Lady will be uploading a video on it soon, so be sure and subscribe to keep posted! 
Meanwhile, I'm lovin this cool fall weather here in Tulsa.  Having lived in Florida up until last February, I was used to it being pretty warm all the time.  But my Master just put in these screens in the windows of our apartment last weekend, and now I don't just get to LOOK out the windows, I can SMELL the air, and feel the's heavenly!  I currently live on the second floor, a welcome change from the teeny tiny 400 square feet I was living in when I first came out here.  I can easily spend hours looking out at the cars driving by and people walking.  Since there's a tree right outside the front windows, sometimes birds will come and perch on the branches.  They never stay long though - I wonder why?!  I hope someday I'll see squirrels - they used to keep me company outside my home in Florida while Lady was at work.
When we first moved to this place in July, there was a male cat that lived downstairs.  I think he was an outside cat, and as soon as I moved in, he was always hanging around outside my door.  Lady allowed us to sniff each other, and it would have been fun to hang out with him, although I don't really know what the Outside is like, and I think Lady is deathly afraid I might run away.
One time when Master was taking his bike downstairs I got out and they didn't realize it at first.  I went up a few stairs and started to explore, but nothing really appealed to my senses so I came back and went past my apartment and down the stairs.  Lo and behold, there was my Cat Buddy!  I was so happy to see him!  We sniffed each other Hello, and he headed out the main entrance door, wanting me to follow, but I was too scared!  So I hid in a corner behind the stairs, until I heard Master and Lady calling me!  I ran up the stairs and boy were they relieved to see me!  Since then I haven't been out of the apartment, and although it's great to look out the windows and feel the nice cool fall air, I wonder what it's like for cats who get to live outside.
I haven't seen my friend for awhile now.  I think he might have found another home.  I hope he's okay.
Now that the windows are open, everything sounds a lot LOUDER.  Cars, motorcycles, and most of all, there's a fire station right down the street, so any given hour of the day or night I will be awakened by the deafening siren.  I've gotten used to it, so I'm not really scared by it anymore.  I wonder where these red trucks with the flashing lights on top go racing off to.  I also wonder about this weekly siren that goes off.  The first time I heard it I nearly jumped!  It only lasts for a couple of minutes, but it sure is LOUD, and scary....I think it is some kind of test drill or something.
The other constant sounds I hear come from the dogs barkening in a neighboring backyard.  Geez, they bark at everything!  They can't see me, and I can't really tell what they look like other than they are both black, and one is smaller than the other.  I wonder if they would be friendly to me.  Although I don't think any of my neighbors have cats, I know there's a couple of dogs because their Masters will take them out for walks.  Somehow I don't have as big a fear of canines as I do people.  Sometimes it takes me a little while to overcome my shyness when Master and Lady have other people come over.  If I sense that they are a cat lover I tend to be more friendly; otherwise when there's a knock on the door I bolt for underneath the bed!
Speaking of bed, I'm thinking about going to curl up for an afternoon cat nap. 
Meow for now!

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